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Themed Snacks: B is for Bugs

The idea for a “Bug” lunch came from this site. My kids loved them, and they were as easy as making a normal lunch! Advertisements

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Themed snacks: B is for Berries

For our letter “B” week, we made these wonderful blueberry mini pies. This was very kid friendly. And delicious!

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B is for Blueberries

To kick off our “B” week, we caught the last of the blueberries at Blueberry Blossom Farm in Snohomish, WA. What a fun outing! The kids loved it, of course, and we walked away with 10 pounds of fresh blueberries.

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For a fall activity, the kids and I went on a “Leaf walk”. After gathering buckets of leaves, we made “Leaf men” (the idea for which came from this site). Evie did a great job choosing her leaf man parts … Continue reading

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Apple Snacks

Each week I try to have a snack theme that ties in somehow with what we are studying. For our week on the letter “A” I did apples. Everyday we had a different apple snack, each one a surprise to … Continue reading

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The Letter A

I am always looking for ways to teach my 3-year-old to recognize letters without doing straight memorization. I want her to memorize things without realizing she is doing it. I know I remember things better this way, and I have … Continue reading

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Welcome to Their First Teacher! To kick things off, I wanted to share a little about myself and why I started this blog. I am a stay at home mom. But if you look at how my days typically go, … Continue reading

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