Apple Snacks

Each week I try to have a snack theme that ties in somehow with what we are studying. For our week on the letter “A” I did apples. Everyday we had a different apple snack, each one a surprise to my kiddos. Not only was it incredibly fun to watch their anticipation for what the day would bring, but also a great way to kill that post-nap funk. Here is what I came up with:

Day one: Apple mouths

I got this brilliant idea here. My kids loved it, and now they know what a marshmellow is, so double win for them!

Snack 2: Apple stamps, which came from this site.

Snack 3: Apples dipped in PB, with a few chocolate chips thrown in.

Snack 4: Apple rolls, which were a variation on this. We just wrapped green apples and brie slices in crescent rolls.

We did this one with friends. It was very easy for kiddos to help with, and to eat.

Hope you enjoy your snacks!


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