The Letter A

I am always looking for ways to teach my 3-year-old to recognize letters without doing straight memorization. I want her to memorize things without realizing she is doing it. I know I remember things better this way, and I have a feeling she might too.

One idea I discovered here was  to make construction paper letters that looked like objects that started with that letter. We stuck with the Totally Tots idea for our lowercase “a”, but for our uppercase “A” we used asparagus, mainly because I had some real asparagus in the fridge, which we ate after making our letters. The surprise bonus of doing the asparagus “A” was that the nubs on the stems kind of look like “A”s, so it was a fun way to incorporate penmanship practice. Can you tell which nubs my 3-year-old did?

Obviously, to make this craft preschool friendly, you have to cut out all the major pieces yourself. But I did let my 3 year old cut out the “seeds” for the apple using kiddy scissors, and she was able to use a glue stick to assemble the letters.

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