Themed Snacks: B is for Bugs

The idea for a “Bug” lunch came from this site. My kids loved them, and they were as easy as making a normal lunch!

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Themed snacks: B is for Berries

For our letter “B” week, we made these wonderful blueberry mini pies.

This was very kid friendly. And delicious!

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B is for Blueberries

To kick off our “B” week, we caught the last of the blueberries at Blueberry Blossom Farm in Snohomish, WA. What a fun outing! The kids loved it, of course, and we walked away with 10 pounds of fresh blueberries.

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For a fall activity, the kids and I went on a “Leaf walk”.

After gathering buckets of leaves, we made “Leaf men” (the idea for which came from this site).

Evie did a great job choosing her leaf man parts and gluing them down. I helped a little with Beck’s…..

It just so happened, too, that we found this book at the library, which worked perfectly with this project.

Happy Fall!

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Apple Snacks

Each week I try to have a snack theme that ties in somehow with what we are studying. For our week on the letter “A” I did apples. Everyday we had a different apple snack, each one a surprise to my kiddos. Not only was it incredibly fun to watch their anticipation for what the day would bring, but also a great way to kill that post-nap funk. Here is what I came up with:

Day one: Apple mouths

I got this brilliant idea here. My kids loved it, and now they know what a marshmellow is, so double win for them!

Snack 2: Apple stamps, which came from this site.

Snack 3: Apples dipped in PB, with a few chocolate chips thrown in.

Snack 4: Apple rolls, which were a variation on this. We just wrapped green apples and brie slices in crescent rolls.

We did this one with friends. It was very easy for kiddos to help with, and to eat.

Hope you enjoy your snacks!


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The Letter A

I am always looking for ways to teach my 3-year-old to recognize letters without doing straight memorization. I want her to memorize things without realizing she is doing it. I know I remember things better this way, and I have a feeling she might too.

One idea I discovered here was  to make construction paper letters that looked like objects that started with that letter. We stuck with the Totally Tots idea for our lowercase “a”, but for our uppercase “A” we used asparagus, mainly because I had some real asparagus in the fridge, which we ate after making our letters. The surprise bonus of doing the asparagus “A” was that the nubs on the stems kind of look like “A”s, so it was a fun way to incorporate penmanship practice. Can you tell which nubs my 3-year-old did?

Obviously, to make this craft preschool friendly, you have to cut out all the major pieces yourself. But I did let my 3 year old cut out the “seeds” for the apple using kiddy scissors, and she was able to use a glue stick to assemble the letters.

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Welcome to Their First Teacher! To kick things off, I wanted to share a little about myself and why I started this blog.

I am a stay at home mom. But if you look at how my days typically go, it should read “STAY AT HOME mom.” It is so easy for me to become consumed with my household duties and neglect to be intentional with my kids. I get so easily wrapped up in how clean the house is, how big the laundry pile is, how many dishes I’ll have to wash tonight, how yummy dinner is going to be, that I completely miss the two babies staring into my face with eyes ready to learn. I become consumed with keeping them “occupied” (read: out of my hair), and miss the greatest and most important part about being home with my kiddos during these early years–their little teachable hearts! One day I realized (or, more accurately, was convicted that) I needed a plan, that the only way I would stop what was on my to-do list to sit down with my kiddos was if I had intentionally planned something. It was way too easy for me to hop up during a game of “horsey castle” to throw another load in the wash and never sit down again. But with a little discipline and a plan, I could teach my kids about our good God and his amazing earth.

Lucky for me, I kind of geek-out on planning activities and hunting down craft ideas. And I realize that many others do not. Enter the idea for this blog: the whole idea behind this blog is to be a way to quickly put together a sort of “lesson plan” for the week (or however long it ends up taking to get through the plan). Every entry is categorized to make it easy to pull up entries that have common themes or ideas.

God has blessed me with two beautiful little kiddos whom I adore, and I want to engage their minds and help them to grow, even now, into people who love to learn, love to study our creative God, and love to explore the world around them, as I am sure you do for your own kids.  I hope you find this blog helpful to that end.

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